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Oil Rotary Steering Drilling Solution – Rugged Laptop

2020-01-16 10:21:49   
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Rotary steering drilling system is a cutting-edge automatic drilling technology, which is the highest level of oil drilling in today’s society. This technology has become a necessary technology for the use of complex super directional wells and large displacement horizontal wells.

In the process of drilling, the downhole guide tool transmits position information to the surface through MWD system, including well deviation, high side and other information. The ground monitoring system can control the downhole guiding tool to work according to the transmitted information. In this process, the ground monitoring system needs to work continuously in the harsh environment of high temperature, low temperature, humidity, mud, dust, etc. This requires the ground control system to have strong adaptability and stability to the environment.

Luchengtech Co.,Ltd provided a rugged notebook with strong environmental adaptability and stability reinforcement, which can overcome the harsh conditions in the oil drilling site. We help them build a ground monitoring system in the rotary steering drilling system successfully.